Power in relationships, with Péter Csörget

In this episode of Mannsarbeidet, Anders is once again joined by Péter Csörget, Founder, Director, and CEO at InvesTid, who leads HAKA-inspired Power Awakening workshops for men. www.investidnorway.com

Together, we delve into the complex world of relationships, exploring the reasons why self development and self awareness is crucial when relating to others. (this episode is in English)

We discuss the importance of assertiveness in building healthy, meaningful connections, and Péter shares his insights on how to navigate the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics. From communication strategies to emotional intelligence, we look at the essential tools needed to relate effectively and authentically with others.

Join us as we uncover practical approaches to enhance your relationships and empower yourself to engage with confidence and clarity. Tune in and discover how to transform your relational experiences with the wisdom and expertise of Péter Csörget.